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Antlight Decorative Lighting

As Antlight Decorative Lighting, we offer a wide range of products, including staircase and floor lighting strips, textured illuminated stones, custom-made illuminated stones, and the wallwasher series. Additionally, we illuminate your spaces with various aesthetic and functional lighting solutions, ranging from round illuminated stones to sets of pebble stones, illuminated star designs, and illuminated baklava stones. With all our products, including illuminated interlocking stones, we add elegance and uniqueness to your spaces.

Luminous Stone

As Antlight, we produce high quality and aesthetic illuminated stones. Our designs add a special atmosphere to spaces and provide an aesthetic touch as well as illuminating outdoor spaces. Designed to be used in a wide range of areas, from municipalities to hotels, from parks to holiday villages, this special product adds a natural shine to your spaces and offers a perfect bala...

Illuminated Border

At Antlight, we offer Illuminated Borders as a new way to illuminate outdoor spaces and add an aesthetic touch. These specially designed curbs, used on the edges of roads and sidewalks, add a different atmosphere to your spaces by offering not only functionality but also aesthetic appeal. Illuminated Border Features: Antlight Illuminated Borders are produced using high qu...


As Antlight, we produce stonelight for your modern lighting needs with its aesthetic design, energy efficiency and durability. Excellence in Aesthetics and Functionality Stonelight adds a sophisticated touch to your spaces with its minimalist and stylish design. The appearance of natural stone, which adapts to modern and classic interiors, adapts to all kinds of decorat...

AK - Series

Illuminated Paver Stones

Illuminated Paver Stones, also known as decorative and paver stones, are a special product designed for decorative purposes. This lighting solution is created to add aesthetics and elegance to your spaces, creating a striking atmosphere with its eye-catching design. Aesthetic and Decorative Design: Illuminated Paver Stones offer an aesthetic and decorative design. It is an ...

Special design decorations
With our extensive product range, from staircase and floor lighting LED strips to the Wallwasher series, we have successfully participated in many prestigious projects. We create unique spaces with our custom-made illuminated stones and add an aesthetic touch to many architectural projects with our round illuminated stones. Furthermore, we offer variety to our users in landscaping applications with our 10-piece set of pebbles. Among our references, you can find many well-known projects from both the public and private sectors.
Before applying our products, we create custom projects for our customers, designing the most suitable solutions for the aesthetic and functional needs of their spaces. Our professional team provides our customers with the best lighting plans, considering the characteristics and potential of each product. In this way, we transform the atmosphere of spaces as desired, providing an aesthetic and stylish lighting experience.

Şehan Park Iraq

The Şehan Park project was presented in the form of a project and received approval before implementation. You can also see their applications in the References section....

The Canbaylar Construction Project

The Canbaylar Construction Project in Malatya was presented in the form of a project and received approval before implementation. You can view recent images in the References se...

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Project

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality project was presented in the form of a project and received approval before implementation. You can also see their applications in the Refe...


Illuminated curb

Roads, gardens and outdoor spaces can gain both a safe and aesthetic atmosphere with the right lighting. As Antlight, illuminate your roads and add emphasis to your outdo...

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Pool Lighting

Add Color and Light to Water with Pool Lighting Pools not only offer swimming pleasure, especially at night, but can also turn into a visual feast with the right light...

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Outdoor lighting

Add Light and Aesthetics to Your Open Spaces with Outdoor Lighting Exteriors can be the first impression of your home or business. As Antlight, we add not only light b...

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Antalya decorative lighting systems

Antalya decorative lighting systems   As Antligth, we illuminate your homes, workplaces and open spaces with decorative lighting systems. Antlight: Capture Ae...

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​Decorative Floor Lighting

Details in space design are the elements that enrich the atmosphere. As Antlight, we add an aesthetic touch to your spaces with our decorative floor lighting systems and ...

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Sidewalk Lighting

Cities should shine with energy even at night. As Antlight, we make your cities safer and more attractive with the sidewalk lighting systems we design to contribute to ci...

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Luminous Stone - Decorative Lighting Systems

Ant Light

Antlight Decorative Lighting Systems, which manufactures as light stone, always owns the firsts. Our company first started to research in 2002 and officially entered the activity in 2009. Our company currently uses solar energy in the light stone for the first time in the world. Together with our suppliers and employees, we are in a strong team spirit; To produce our quality products in high standards by using new technologies, to deliver them to our customers at the desired time and to make their satisfaction and confidence permanent.